1Q26 0613 Derby R.T.C-Edinburgh

1Q26 0613 Derby R.T.C-Edinburgh

12th January 2020 0 By Adamsavag

Drive the Network Measurement HST between Preston and Carlisle on a nice winters morning.

use 7zip to unzip the file.


DTG 390 old (discontinued)
Class 66 Freightliner V2 and Powerhaul V2
DTG PDL updated
class 159 NSE
Scotrail class 68
WCML over shap
BR Sectors class 56

Armstong Powerhouse
Class 350 EP
Class 319 Volume 1 pack
Class 158 Cummins pack
Class 390 SP
Class 66 EP
Class 43 MTU Pack
Wagon (Flat) SP
Class 90 Freightliner and 90/Mk3 pack
Class 142 pack
class 156 Pack
class 56 EP
HHA Pack
Sky and Weather Pack
Track Enhancement Pack

Class 390 Farewell Pack

feedback will be grateful hope you enjoy.