1P64 – Braintree to Witham | CLASS 317

1P64 – Braintree to Witham | CLASS 317

16th October 2020 2 By Gareth Davies


317 Vol 1 – Armstrong Powerhouse
321 Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
68 Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse
FSA wagons – Armstrong Powerhouse
GEML – Steam/Dovetail Games
Weather EP – Armstrong Powerhouse

GEML Optimisation Patch – ATS

Each driver needs to sign off on route knowledge to be able to drive that particular route. You normally drive the Sunshine coast line up to Walton and Clacton but today you are driving a passenger service to Witham to enable more drivers to be put onto the so far inconsistent Braintree Branch line. The weather is abit chilly today with snow on the tracks, you will need to brake earlier and apply sand when needed.

Normally, the Braintree line is served by 321’s but due to a door panel issue, all renatus 321’s have been taken out of service. You will drive an old Class 317 on this route. Normally 317’s are used only in rush hour on the mainline but due to this issue there are called upon.