1P44 16:30 London Liverpool Street to Norwich

1P44 16:30 London Liverpool Street to Norwich

19th August 2020 3 By Cactus732

You’ll be at the controls of the 16:30 London Liverpool Street to Norwich service at the very start of the evening peak after an earlier track circuit fault has caused delays over the Greater Anglia Network. There are 2 versions included, one simulating the pre-Norwich in 90 period when the service was operated by the traditional 90/Mk3 set pushed by 90004 “City of Chelmsford”, and a post Norwich in 90 version where the diagram became a pair of 321s (Renatus 321318 and Red Door 321448 in this case) to free up 90 sets for the new 90 minute services. There are minor variations in weather patterns an AI to make the scenarios look and feel a little different should you choose to drive both.

Senario Route: Traction Depot Great Eastern Main Line
Scenario Lenght: 1hr 50 Minutes

Requirements (Full Functionality)

AP Class 321 + ATS(Clowes) Renatus, ATS(James Ivell) Greater Anglia Purple, Superalbs New Greater Anglia Branding
AP Class 156
AP Class 170 EP
AP Class 66EP
APW GEML Class 90 + Vulcan Productions (Ash992478) Greater Anglia Patch
APW Class 315
AP Class 68EP
DTG Class 455/8 + Superalbs Greater Anglia 317 (Red and Blue Doors) + Superalbs Great Northern Class 317
DTG Brighton Mainline + Superalbs Greater Anglia Class 379
JT Class 20 (For FNA Nuclear Wagons)

Additional Requirements (Optional but required for intended immersion)

ATS (BodgeitTMD) Freightliner Class 66 Pack
AP Class 158 Perkins EP
AP Sky/weather EP