1P29 1445 Manchester Victoria to Newcastle

1P29 1445 Manchester Victoria to Newcastle

23rd December 2021 0 By theepicfrog15

Route: DPS ECML North East
Player Train: TPE Class 802

On a foggy afternoon in December take a TPE Class 802 on the rest of its journey from York to Newcastle. Due to the cancelation of the service back out of Newcastle you will then need to take the train to Heaton Depot where the scenario will end.

The scenario is based on what happened on 19/12/2021 with All timings and AI based as closely as possible. (I have had to change some of the pathing at Newcastle due to some more recent track changes not being represented).
All services which appear on Real Time Trains Know Your Train have got correct trains with correct unit numbers

This is my first scenario I have uploaded here but I have been making scenarios on Steam Workshop for a number of months now.

DPS ECML North East (And its requirements)
East Coast Mainline South (For Class 801)
BR Class 170
BR Class 156 (Oovee/Steam) (5 Static AI)
European Loco & Asset Pack
Fuller Simulations Class 185 Pack (And its requirements) (1 AI and 3 Static)
JT Voyager Advanced
AP Class 800-803 EP
AP Class 170 EP (1 Static AI)
AP Class 43 MTU EP
MJW HST Revamp
MJW Arriva Northern Class 170 Reskin
Superalbs Arriva Northern Class 156 (I believe Serco/Abellio Northern reskin is needed for Destinations)

I hope you enjoy the scenario and if you have any feedback it will be greatly apricated