1O10 Manchester Piccadilly to Reading

1O10 Manchester Piccadilly to Reading

12th May 2020 0 By Bentom

This scenario is based during the Coronavirus pandemic so we are operating on a limited timetable. This is only a short scenario but hopefully, everyone will find some enjoyment from it.

This Cross Country service departed Manchester Piccadilly on its way to Reading. You’ve picked up the journey from Stoke-on-Trent. Take the train from outside Stafford to Wolverhampton. Another driver will take over at Wolverhampton. This takes approximately 25 minutes to complete.

Route Requirements:
– WCML Missing Link Phase 2 (Wigan North Western to Sandwell and Dudley), and its associated requirements.
– WCML Trent Valley (for freight containers + Class 66 DRS).

Extra Requirements:
– DTG Class 220 Cross Country (DTG\Class220Pack01)
– RSC Class 325 Royal Mail (RSC\Class325Pack01)
– DTG Class 390 Virgin (old version) (DTG\Class390Pack01)
– Armstrong Powerhouse Class 390 Sound Pack
– BH Class 390 Reskin Pack
– Major Wales Design Class 390 Avanti West Coast
– Thompson Class 170 (Thompson\Class170Pack01)