1N57 – 0505 – York to Redcar Central.

1N57 – 0505 – York to Redcar Central.

15th November 2020 3 By Lewis.Middlemass

For this scenario to run correctly, you will need the following:

North East England (and requirements)

Armstrong Powerhouse:
Class158/159 Cummins & Perkins Enhancement Packs
Class 91/MK4 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 ‘HST’ MTU Enhancement Pack

BH Reskins InterCity 225 VTEC/LNER Reskin Pack
Clowes InterCity 125 VTEC/LNER ‘HST’ Reskin Pack

Other Notes:
This scenario will see you driving a Class 158 between York and Middlesbrough.
At the moment, some of the timetables to make the AI more advanced are not available due to them not running because of service cuts due to the current situation. The current AI consists of a HST and a MK4 set. When the timetables become more readily available, the AI will be updated.

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