1M68: 15:49 Birmingham New Street – Nottingham (XC 2008)

1M68: 15:49 Birmingham New Street – Nottingham (XC 2008)

22nd January 2021 1 By FunkyDcz

. Its a rather foggy day and today, you are at the controls of one of the new CrossCountry franchise’ workings. You will work the final leg of this service from Derby to Nottingham, your traction is 170105.

Starting the scenario at Derby, set up your train and await your departure time. You will be stopping at Long Eaton, Beeston & Nottingham. Traffic is typical for an early evening.

NOTE: Apologies for the one flying Voyager at the start. TS being TS.


Midland Mainline (DBY-NOT) Just Trains

Class 170 Pack Steam
Class 159 Pack01 Steam
European Asset Pack (Comes with TS) Steam
Class 156 Pack01 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Pack Vol 1 Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 222 Pack Just Trains
Class 220/221 Pack Just Trains
TDA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse/Waggonz

Class 158 Perkins EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 170 EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 43 HST VP185 EP Armstrong Powerhouse

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!