1M29 19:50 Norwich – Willesden RMT (1998)

1M29 19:50 Norwich – Willesden RMT (1998)

18th April 2024 2 By Harrebarrevarre

Join this warm summer evening’s parcels train to London at Ipswich while the mail is loaded. You will drive as far as Stratford with 4777 DIT, where 86430 will be decoupled for the service to continue along the NLL. Expect adverse signals as the GEML is still busy this late in the evening.

Max speed: 90 mph. Timetable:

1950 – Norwich (dep)
2030/2041 – Ipswich p2 (arr/dep)
2101 – Colchester (pass)
2137 – Shenfield (pass)
2152/2155 – Stratford p10 (arr/dep)

60 minute scenario for the ATS “GEMMA” phase one. Weather: Clear. Feedback is much appreciated. Hope you enjoy! 😊

(* means it has its own requirements)

Weather EP v2
Signal EP
Class 313 (static only)
Class 314/315
Class 317 vol 1&2
Class 321
Class 37 vol 1&2
Class 90+DVT
Class 56 EP*
Class 86 EP*
Mk1 Coach Pack
Mk2a-c Coach Pack
Mk2 DBSO Pack
Mk2d-f Coach Pack
Mk3a-b Coach Pack
FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
JXA/POA Wagon Pack

WCML over Shap

“GEMMA” phase one
Rail Express Systems Postal Pack (including extra stock)*