1M16 20:45 Inverness / Aberdeen / Fort William – London Euston

1M16 20:45 Inverness / Aberdeen / Fort William – London Euston

4th August 2022 2 By mattyjamesss87

This is one scenario for the WCML Midlands & North West covering the track between Preston and Crewe.
In 2014 87002 ‘Royal Sovereign’ was hired to Serco to work the Caledonian Sleeper ECS moves to and from Wembley in preparation for the overnight runs. It was the mainstay of the ECS runs are only found itself working the sleeper trains a handful of times. In this instance, on the 19/20th June 2015 87002 was assigned to the highlander sleeper on 1M16. You join this service at Preston where you will take it down to Crewe where you will finish your shift. It’s early morning so traffic is light and there are no reported issues on the line so it should be a pleasant run. Your maximum speed for this is 80mph. Enjoy the run.

To Install, using 7Zip, extract the contents of the folder and copy into your railworks folder, load up the game, clear cache and you’re off.

Requirements: *All of the below and their dependencies are required for the scenario to function correctly.
• Class 87
• Class 86 EP
• Class 350/450 EP
• Class 66 EP
• Class 158 C&P EP
• Class 150/1 EP
• Class 150/2
• Class 142
• FSA/FTA Wagon Pack
• JNA-C Wagon Pack
• MK3 Coach Sound Pack
• Class 66 V1 or V2
• BR Class 150
• Network South East 159
• Class 86 Locomotives
• WCML Over Shap
• WCML ‘Missing Link’
• Caledonian Sleeper Mk3A Sleeper Pack

If there are any issues, feel free to leave feedback and I’ll try and rectify the issues!

* Actually added the file as it was empty upon uploading.