1L35 16:00 Kings Lynn – Liverpool Street (1981)

1L35 16:00 Kings Lynn – Liverpool Street (1981)

15th April 2021 0 By Mattg17

A scenario for the 4Aspect Simulations Fen Line.

Breifing: Before electrification and the singling of the route, the Fen Line was a staple of loco hauled trains, normally hauled by Class 37 and 47 diesels. Today we have a fine example right from July 1981, where you will be driving 37002 from Kings Lynn to Ely.

Essential Requirements:
From 4 Aspect Simulations: https://www.4aspectsimulations.com
⦁ Fen Line
From Steam
⦁ Classic European Assets
⦁ Class 31
From Armstrong Powerhouse: https://www.armstrongpowerhouse.com/
⦁ Class 31 EP
⦁ Class 37 Vol 2
⦁ MK1 Coach Pack Vol. 1
⦁ MKA2-C Coach Pack
From Digital Traction: http://digitaltraction.co.uk/
⦁ British Rail Wagon Pack

Required Extras
From Vulcan Productions: https://www.vulcanproductions.co.uk/
⦁ BR Blue Class 47 Pack (Pre 1985)
⦁ DT BR Wagons Reskin Pack