1L13 14:52 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich

1L13 14:52 Liverpool Lime Street – Norwich

15th February 2021 0 By MDegree

Take a pair of EMR class 158’s toward its final destination at Norwich, you will drive to Warrington Central.
(Northern 3 Car Class 170’s replace Class 195’s)

Manchester-Liverpool (Steam)
WCML South (Steam)
Class 159 NSE (Steam)
Class 801 (Steam)
Class 170 Pack (Steam)

Class 170 Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 158 (Cummins and Perkins) Enhancement Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)
Class 390 Sound Pack (Armstrong Powerhouse)

Simvue Class 802 TPE Reskin
MajorWales Northern Class 170 Reskin
MajorWales Class 390 Revamp Pack
MajorWales EMR Class 158 Reskin