1K88 18:05 London Liverpool Street-Southend Victoria

1K88 18:05 London Liverpool Street-Southend Victoria

23rd November 2019 1 By Cactus732

Take a trio of 321s on an Evening Peak service to Southend calling at Stratford, Shenfield and then all stations.

Scenario Route: Crouch Valley V3
Scenario Length: 1hr


AP Class 321 + Superalbs Greater Anglia New Branding + Ivell’s Greater Anglia Purple from ATS + BH Reskins Class 321 Renatus
APW GEML Class 90 + VP Ash99478 Greater Anglia Patch w/ associated requirements
APW Class 315 + VP Ash99478 LO and TFL Branding
UKTS Crouch Valley Line
DTG GEML + Superalbs Greater Anglia Class 360 Branding
DTG Class 455/8 + Superalbs Greater Anglia and Great Northern Class 317 reskins (All Variants)
DTG Class 378 or North London Line
Virtual District Line (Only Required for LU AI at Stratford)

ATS nymr1 Crouch Valley AP Track patch