1K07: 06:27 Manchester Piccadilly – Hull FTPE (2014)

1K07: 06:27 Manchester Piccadilly – Hull FTPE (2014)

15th January 2021 2 By FunkyDcz

On an unusually bright summer Saturday morning, work 1K07: 06:27 Manchester Piccadilly – Hull as far as Huddersfield. Usually this would be a clear run, however, this is the railway and things rarely work out as you’d expect.

You have FTPE 170303 & 170302 on this run.


Huddersfield – Manchester v2.1 AlanThomsonSim (PenninePacer)

Class 170 Pack Steam
Class 390 Pack Steam
Class 66 Pack02 Steam
Class 156 Pack01 Armstrong Powerhouse
HIA Wagon Pack Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 150/2Pack01 Armstrong Powerhouse
Jake Fuller 185&Reqs AlanThomsonSim
Class 170 EP Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 390 Reskin AlanThomsonSim (Horgy)

Weather Enhancement Pack Armstrong Powerhouse

* As with all scenarios utilising AP products, it is ESSENTIAL that you have all extra stock packs installed. This will ensure the correct functionality and working of the scenario!