[1H38] London Charing Cross to Hastings | Class 411 (4-CEP)

[1H38] London Charing Cross to Hastings | Class 411 (4-CEP)

16th January 2021 6 By Josh_A99

In this scenario, you’ll be taking Class 411 525 to operate train 1H38, the 1315 service from London Charing Cross to Hastings, taking over at Tonbridge, from another driver. It’s a quiet day on the network, with nothing to report, so it should be a smooth run for the entire journey.

Year set: 1992
Weather: Summer + Cloudy
Operators: Network South East

Duration: 64 mins
Difficulty: Medium

The 1066 Line – Backdated Trainsim + all associated requirements
Class 411/412 EP – Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Vol 1. Pack – Armstrong Powerhouse*
BAA/BZA Wagon pack – Armstrong Powerhouse*
* Not essential, but are recommended to improve the scenario experience

PLEASE NOTE: That the CSR has not been enabled on this scenario as I couldn’t find the CSR area anywhere to be able to implement it. If anyone knows where I can find CSR areas then please comment below and I’ll happily update this scenario and any in the future.