1G51 1716 Kings Lynn to Cambridge

1G51 1716 Kings Lynn to Cambridge

12th March 2022 3 By Adam Forsyth

You are on your final train of your shift back to your Home Depot at Cambridge. You
start from Kings Lynn and work most stations back to Cambridge which include
Downham Market, Littleport, Ely, Waterbeach and Cambridge. You are driving one of
the few booked Monday to Friday only Class 700 services on the Fen line. It is not
plain sailing on this journey so keep your wits about you.


Alan Thomson Simulation Kings Lynn to Kings Cross Route

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 700/707/717 Enhancement pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 43 (MTU) Enhancement Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 37 Vol. 2 Loco Pack
Armstrong Powerhouse Mk2e Coaching Stock Pack

Vulcan Productions Cross Country Class 170 Reskins

Please be assured this scenario has been fully tested however should any issues arise, please get in touch and I shall try my best to fix them. Feedback is welcome, good or bad however all I ask is that it is constructive.


V1.1 – Updated to fix a derailment issue which arose when the route was updated

Hope you enjoy the scenario