1G01 1042 Peterborough – London Kings Cross – Class 91!

1G01 1042 Peterborough – London Kings Cross – Class 91!

28th October 2019 4 By Adam Forsyth

Due to track renewals between Grantham and Retford, LNER are running a revised weekend timetable on the ECML. Services are being diverted via Lincoln using diesel traction and electric traction are filling in the gaps on routes that are open. You are working a Peterborough to London service departing at 1042 calling at Stevenage only before the capital. First of all, you need to run ECS from Ferme Park to Peterborough. You have a Class 91 + Mk4 set for todays service. Enjoy 🙂


DP Simulation ECML South route

Steam ECML London to Peterborough route
Steam Class 91 Add-on
Steam Class 180 Add-on
Steam South London Network Add-on

Alan Thomson Sim LNER Class 91 Reskins
Alan Thomson Sim 91119 Reskin
Alan Thomson Sim LNER HST Reskins
Alan Thomson Sim Class 700 Pack
Alan Thomson Sim Class 180 Update

Armstrong Powerhouse Class 313 Add-on
Armstrong Powerhouse Class 365 Enhancement Pack

Backdated Train Sim ‘Old’ Class 313

I hope everything works out for you however if there is anything wrong that I can fix then please contact me, I welcome all constructive feedback.