1F69 18:55 Colchester – London Liverpool Street (2018)

1F69 18:55 Colchester – London Liverpool Street (2018)

1st March 2022 11 By oliver_nicholls

On a murky April evening in 2018, take 321410 on a service from Colchester to Liverpool Street just as traffic is starting to die down after the evening rush hour.



– GEML London – Ipswich
– GEML Class 90
– Class 378*

Armstrong Powerhouse

– Class 321
– Class 315
– Class 317*
– Class 377/379/387 Enhancement Pack^*
– Class 66 Enhancement Pack^*
– Class 86 Enhancement Pack^*
– FSA/FTA Wagon Pack*
– Wherry Lines including extra stock


– Class 321 Greater Anglia Branding
– Class 360 Greater Anglia Branding*

Alan Thomson Simulation

– Class 321 Greater Anglia Purple
– Class 321 Greater Anglia Renatus
– Class 315 LO/TfL Rail Branding Patch*

Vulcan Productions (Ash992478)

– Greater Anglia class 90/Mk3 Patch

*- denotes non-essential

^- denotes that this piece of DLC has its own requirements. It is essential that you have these requirements for the AI to show correctly in the scenario.

To install, copy the ‘Content’ folder into your main Railworks folder.

Any feedback is really appreciated 😊 Enjoy!

This scenario has been tested twice in the 64bit version of the game works correctly with all the AI, though as this is a rush hour GEML Scenario, do bear in mind that your PC may not be up to running it!