1F14 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Central Scenario Pack

1F14 Portsmouth Harbour – Cardiff Central Scenario Pack

28th January 2024 1 By JemLotelia

Hiya! This is a scenario that uses the newly released JT Class 166 based on the original Kuju Model. Well when I say scenario its 4 different scenarios in an attempt to replicate the full GWR route from Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff that is now run by many 166’s as well as 158’s.

Due to the nature of Train Sim this is on 4 different routes, you can play them in order or be played independently. They have been designed with this in mind.

Part 1 – Portsmouth Harbour to Cosham –
This scenario is on the Portsmouth Direct Line by DTG, just after Hilsea you’ll join the West Coastway all the way to Southampton Central, however we only have up to Cosham in sim at the moment so the scenario ends here.

Part 2 – Southampton Central to Salisbury –
This scenario is on the Wessex Mainline by Just Trains and takes you from just outside of St Denys to Salisbury. At Salisbury the train then takes the Salisbury branch line to Westbury where it calls at Warminster along the way.

Part 3 – Westbury to Bristol Temple Meads
This Scenario is on the South Western Expressways by Just Trains and takes you from Westbury to Bristol Temple Meads. From Westbury you go further up the Wessex Main Line before joining the Great Western Mainline for the subsequent stop at Bath Spa and Bristol.

Part 4 Bristol Temple Meads – Cardiff Central
This Scenario is on the South Wales Mainline Modern by Elraen and takes you on the final journey from Bristol to Cardiff. Having reversed at Bristol Temple Meads you now take the northern line out bound for Cardiff.

Extract the content folder from the ZIP , copy and paste the Content folder into Railworks. Enjoy!

Requirement List for ALL parts

Class 70
Class 67 Pack
Settle Carlisle
ECML London to Peterborough
Portsmouth Direct Line
Network SouthEast Class 159 DMU
Class 170
South Wales Coastal
EWS & Freightliner Class 66 V2.0
Chatham Mainline / Chatham Main and Medway
Chatham Main and Medway (JNA’s)
South Western Mainline – Bournemouth to Southampton

Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 800 EP
Class 158 Cummins EP
Class 158 Perkins EP
Class 150/2 DMU Pack
Class 319 EMU Pack Vol 1
Class 450 EP
Class 375/377 EP
Class 170 EP
Class 175 EP
Class 66 EP
FTA/FSA Wagon Pack*
HIA Wagon Pack
BZA/BAA Wagon Pack
Signal Enhancement Pack
Sky and Weather Enhancement Pack 2.0

Just Trains
Voyager Advanced
Class 153 DMU Advanced
Wessex Main Line
South Western Expressways – Reading

Class 220/221 (JT) – Updated Consists
Transport for Wales Class 158
South Wales Mainline Modern

Class 769 TfW Reskin/Pack
Class 153 TfW Reskin
Class 150/2 TfW Reskin
Class 175 TfW Reskin

HTA EWS Reskin
BYA EWS Reskin

Semaphore Sim
SWR 444/450 Reskin Pack
SWR 159 SWR Reskin Pack