1E56 13.25 Plymouth – Newcastle (2018)

1E56 13.25 Plymouth – Newcastle (2018)

14th March 2019 4 By Matt Carroll

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A bitesize scenario for the York – Peterborough modern route by Creative Rail and available on Steam.
During the remodelling of Derby station, CrossCountry services are being diverted via Toton. As a result, trains from the South West are running in the paths north of Sheffield usually used by trains from Reading. This means that XC HSTs can be seen on the Doncaster – York section. Work an evening service from outside Doncaster as far as York on 10th September. Year : 2018.

Requirements :
Creative Rail York to Peterborough (Modern) route
VTEC/LNER HST Pack – available on ATS (and associated requirements)
Intercity 225 VTEC/LNER pack – available on ATS (and associated requirements)
Armstrong Powerhouse MTU enhancement pack
Armstrong Powerhouse class 91 enhancement pack
Armstrong Powerhouse class 158 Cummins and Perkins enhancement packs (and associated requirements)
Armstrong Powerhouse class 150/2 pack
Class 185 ‘Desiro’ pack (from Fuller Simulations) and associated requirements
Just Trains Voyager (Advanced)
Armstrong Powerhouse class 220/221 sound pack
DTG Grand Central class 180
Chris & Dave Dewhurst’s Northern Rail class 321 reskin (from DPSimulation) and associated requirements
Armstrong Powerhouse Sky & Weather enhancement pack

I hope you enjoy this scenario.