1E16 1300 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

1E16 1300 Edinburgh to London Kings Cross

13th January 2020 0 By MrDreamliner

Hello and thank you for downloading! This is one scenario for the excellent DPS ‘North East England’ route…

After an unscheduled delay at Newcastle station, 1E16 has now lost it’s booked path and is currently held outside Darlington station. You join the train just outside where you’ll remain in charge to York. Year: 2014


• Class 91
• Class 150/1
• Class 159

Armstrong Powerhouse
• Class 43 (MTU)/MK3 Enhancement Pack
• Class 91/MK4 Enhancement Pack
• Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
• Class 158/159 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
• Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
• Class 156 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
• HHA Wagon Pack
• Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack (Optional)

• Class 220/221

Alan Thomson Sim
• Class 220/221 (JT) Updated consists
• Class 91 MK4/DVT Improvements Patch
• HST Improvement Patch
• HST: MK3 East Coast

DP Simulation
• North East England

Fuller Simulation
• Class 185 Desiro

…and that’s it for this scenario. My other creations can be found here – https://alanthomsonsim.com/?page_id=5&vendor=mrdreamliner

Enjoy! 🙂