1C37 12.42 London Paddington – Penzance (1999)

1C37 12.42 London Paddington – Penzance (1999)

5th March 2019 2 By Matt Carroll

A scenario for Just Trains’ Western Mainlines + South Devon Extension

Drive 47816 “Bristol Bath Road” working FGW’s 1C37 12.42 London Paddington – Penzance on a Summer
Saturday. This service is booked non-stop between Reading and Taunton, via Newbury. Due to a shortage
of guards however, it has been diverted via Bristol Temple Meads, where a change of guards will take
place. You are in charge between Reading and Plymouth. Do your best to minimise the delays. Year : 1999.

Requirements :
Just Trains Western Mainlines + South Devon Extension route
European Loco and Asset pack
Armstrong Powerhouse :
HST Valenta and VP185 enhancement packs
Class 150/2 pack
Class 158 Cummins and Perkins enhancement packs
Class 142 pack (for 143 sounds)
Class 31 enhancement pack
Mark 2a-2c coach pack
Mark 2d-2f coach pack
Mark 1 coach pack (static consist only)
AP26 Settle to Carlisle scenario pack extra stock
Wherry Lines route
Virgin Trains First Generation pack
BR Class 31 pack
Riviera Line in the 50s route (static consist only)
Settle to Carlisle route
Riviera Line route
NSE Class 159
EWS Class 67 pack 01 (static consist only)
EWS / Freightliner class 08 pack (static consist only)
Just Trains :
Class 153 advanced
Seacow wagon pack
Fastline Simulation :
Common assets
Sea Urchin wagon pack
YQA Parr wagon pack
VGA van pack (static consist only)
Vulcan Productions FGW Class 47/8 pack
HST : Branded Virgin / Virgin XC available on ATS
TS Marketplace Provincial class 143
rfletcher72 Class 143 BR Regional Railways WR Cardiff Canton reskin (available from DP Simulation)
rfletcher72 InterCity Swallow class 47/8 pack (from Vulcan Productions)

I hope you enjoy this scenario.