1C15 13:00 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads (2018)

1C15 13:00 London Paddington to Bristol Temple Meads (2018)

20th August 2021 2 By Cactus732

Even though the IET takeover has begun, the HST is still hanging on as the primary traction on GWR expresses. This afternoon you’ll be in charge of 43155 leading the 13:00 service from Paddington to Bristol via Bath.

Scenario Route: Western Mainlines Electrification Project V1.5
Scenario Length: 1hr 45min.



-Leander Voyager updated consists
-Clowes Great Western Railway “Sticker Express”
-Clowes Great western Railway “Welshman”
-Clowes Great Western Railway 43093 “Old Oak Common”
-BodgeitTMD Freightliner Class 66 Pack

Armstrong Powerhouse

-Class 377/379/387EP
-Class 158 Cummins EP
-Class 66EP
-JHA Wagon Pack
-Class 444/450EP*
-FSA/FTA Wagons


-FGW “90 Glorious Years” AP Version
-FGW “Building a Greater West” AP Version


-Rfletcher72 Mendip Rail JNA Wagons


-Chatham Mainline + Medway Valley Lines
-DBS Class 59/2
-Freightliner Class 70


-Voyager Advanced
-Cargowaggon IWB Pluspak


-Class 43 Revamp Pack^
-Heathrow Express Class 360


-Hanson Class 59/1 https://silverwolftrainsim.wixsite.com/swts/class-59-1


-GWR Class 800
-GWR Class 166
-FGW Plain Blue Class 166*
-Heathrow Connect Class 360

Vulcan Proudctions

-Ash992478 FGW Offlease HST

^=should function without but HST powercars will not have nameplates
*=static AI not required for full functionality

Note 1: All known signal issues are included in the driver briefing
Note 2: You will probably be early into Bath as I had to remove an AI service crossing your path at Bathampton junction because the signal protecting the junction does not display a red aspect when the points are set against you.