1B50 1330 Birmingham New Street to London Euston (2009)

1B50 1330 Birmingham New Street to London Euston (2009)

3rd July 2021 2 By Stenkil

Hello everyone, this scenario is for WCML South route.

Description: Two Pendolinos have been damaged at Wembley Yard and rendered out of service. Virgin Trains West Coast has started a new diagram of services to cover for the Pendos. By using the hired Mk3 set called WB65 from Cargo-D that is being used for Friday only Euston to Preston services. Today is the first day of the service and traction is provided by 90036.

Briefing: Good afternoon driver, please open the doors and set up your cab before departing at 13:30. Your booked timings are Birmingham Intl (13:38), Coventry (13:50), Milton Keynes Central (14:17) and Euston (14:54). Have a safe one.

Scenario name: [SSP] 1B50 13:30 Birmingham New Street to London Euston
Route: WCML South
Type: Standard
Traction: WB65 Mk3 set + 90036 RFD Sybic (EWS)
Start and end locations: Birmingham New Street and London Euston
Duration: 90-95 minutes
Year: 2009

WB65 set formation: Mk3 DVT (82101) + 5x Virgin-UB Mk3a TSO + 1x Cargo-D BR blue Mk3a RFM + 3x Cargo-D BR blue Mk3a FO


1. WCML South
2. Portsmouth Direct Line
3. Birmingham Cross City line
4. MML: London to Bedford
5. Chatham main and Medway Valley line
6. Class 70
7. Class 66 v2.0
8. Class 159 NSE
9. Class 378

1. Class 158 Perkins EP
2. Class 43 MTU EP
3. Class 350 EP
4. Class 66 EP
5. Class 377/375 EP
6. Class 321 pack
7. Class 90 Mk3/DVT
8. FSA/FTA wagons

1. Voyager Adv
2. Class 60 Adv
3. VGA/VKA wagons

1. Virgin Trains West Coast Loco hauled pack
2. Class 90 RFD Sybic (EWS)

1. FKA (Megafret) Repaint Pack

1. Class 390 revamp pack
2. Class 43 revamp pack

BH reskins:
1. Class 60 pack

Backdated Train Sim:
1. Virtual district line

Note: Due to stability issues there are no static AIs.