1A12 07:00 Hull – Kings Cross (GNER)

1A12 07:00 Hull – Kings Cross (GNER)

4th May 2022 4 By Clarkee808

Thank you for trying my first scenario that I’ve actually realeased for the ECML Leeds & York Merge route.
I hope you enjoy the colourful days of GNER, wagn, Central Trains & NSE
To install copy the ‘Content’ folder to your Railworks folder

You will be driving the truncated Hull to Kings Cross service which, due to work on the Selby swing bridge will start at Selby, will call at Doncaster, Grantham & Peterborough on a soggy British spring morning.


The East Coast Mainline – London Kings Cross to Leeds and York Merge

Alan Thomson Sim
Gold Star Train Plasset & Theurer 09 Series Ballast Tamper*

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Class 313 Electric Multiple Unit Pack
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Class 365 Enhancement Pack
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