1605 Oxenhope to Keighley

1605 Oxenhope to Keighley

25th February 2024 3 By Adam Haigh

During the 2023 Summer Diesel Gala, you’ll be driving a northbound 16:05 service to Keighley, calling at all stations. Date: 23/06/2023.

30-minute scenario for the Keighley & Worth Valley Railway on Steam Sounds Supreme.

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):
– Class 43: Rail Adventure.

Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):
– Weather EP V2;
– Class 37 Vol 1;
– Mk1 coaches Vol 1.

Backdated TS (and their dependencies):
– LSL Scotrail Push-Pull Pack.

Forerunner Coaches:
– BR Mk1 Suburban Coaches.

– Seacows.

– Class 08 EWS/Freightliner;
– Class 14;
– North Somerset Railway;
– Weardale & Teesdale Network.

Steam Sounds Supreme (and their dependencies):
– Departmental Wagon Pack;
– Keighley & Worth Valley Railway (+ stock pack).

– Due to the couplers on the RA power car not coupling to the Mk3a coaches, a different buffered power car has been used.