1405 London Bridge to Caterham (1997) v1.1

1405 London Bridge to Caterham (1997) v1.1

7th June 2021 4 By Stenkil

Hello everyone this scenario is for South London to Brighton route. Set in the year 1997 but the timings are loosely based on the timetable of that year. However, the consists and liveries have been portrayed as accurately as possible using resources available on the internet. Hope you enjoy this one.

*For those who downloaded this scenario before 10.06.2021 10:43:00 please re-download for the changes to take place. Changes are mentioned in the update log below.*

Description: Drive a 4-car class 455/8 unit from London Bridge till Purley via Norbury.

Briefing: Good afternoon driver. There are quite a number of stops to make today and the timings are tight too. So stay on your toes and drive safely. If you don’t get all the ticks don’t worry you can play it again.

Scenario name: [SSP] 1405 London Bridge to Caterham
Route: South London to Brighton
Type: Standard
Traction: 455820
Start and end locations: London Bridge and Purley (via Norbury)
Duration: 40-45 minutes
Year: 1997


1. South London to Brighton
2. Class 423 ‘4VEP’
3. Class 465 Southeastern
4. Class 421 ‘4CIG’
5. Class 73 ‘Gatwick Express’
6. WCML Over Shap

1. Class 319 Vol. 2 pack
2. Class 465 EP
3. Class 411/412 pack
4. Class 205 pack
5. Class 456 pack
6. Class 455 EP Vol.1
7. Mk1 coach pack Vol.1

1. Class 423 4VEP ‘Connex’

1. UKTS UK Classic Diesel and Electric pack

Update Log:
v1.1 (10.06.2021): Removed dependency on class 415/6 as it ceased operation at 1995.
v1.0 (07.06.2021): Original release