(12 Days of Scenarios 2021- Day 1) 1Z71 06:14 Crewe-Carlisle

(12 Days of Scenarios 2021- Day 1) 1Z71 06:14 Crewe-Carlisle

13th December 2021 6 By Robbo13

1Z71 06:14 Crewe-Carlisle

Welcome to day 1 of ‘The 12 days of Scenarios’. Todays scenario is based in 2003 and is a double headed 37 run over the Settle & Carlisle. You will be in charge from Settle Jn all the way to Carlisle.

How to Install
1. Extarct using 7zip
2. Copy Content folder into Railworks folder
3. Done!

Route: Settle-Carlisle


Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1
BR Mk2 A-C
HHA Wagons
Class 37 vol 1 & 2
Class 43VAL EP
Class 66 EP
Class 90 pack (Non FL version)
Class 142
Class 156

Backdated Trainsim
Pride of the Nation Coaches reskin
The Great Briton Coaches reskin#

Bh reskins
JT Class 60 pack*

BR Blue Electric pack
Class 56
Class 66 Pack 02
Class 66 Pack 03
Virgin First Gen pack*
YQA Parr wagons (Steam Marketplace)

British Gypsum wagon reskin*

Just Trains
Class 60*
Common Library (Anything after Newcastle-Edinburgh should be fine)
RHTT wagons (Comes with JT Class 20
ZZA Snowplough*

Class 43 Revamp Pack
Class 142 Revamp Pack
Class 144 Revamp Pack

Vulcan Productions
Virgin Class 57 Pack

Those marked with * are for static AI only. The Scenario can still be run without these.

I believe that is everything, if there is anything missing please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!