07:29 to Victoria

07:29 to Victoria

16th January 2021 3 By Stenkil

Hello everyone this scenario is for South London to Brighton route.

The 07:29 Southern service to London Victoria from Brighton had never been on time. At 2014 out of 240 attempts it always failed to reach the capital at 08:35. Network congestion was the reason according to Southern. Several commuters would be late for work and an impending chaos was something Southern had become immune to. Given the chance to drive this ill fated service will you be the maiden driver to reach London on time? Details below.

Scenario name: 1M23 07:29 Brighton to London Victoria
Route: South London to Brighton
Traction: 377404 + 377159
Start and end locations: Brighton and London Victoria
Duration: 70-80 mins
Year: 2014



1. South London and Brighton (From Workshop)
2. Chatham Main and Medway Valley Line
3. Chatham Main Line
4. Brighton Main Line
5. South London Network
6. Porthsmouth Direct Line: Waterloo to Portsmouth
7. Sheerness Branch extension
8. Class 465 EMU Add-On
9. Class 455/8 EMU Add-On
10. Class 442 Wessex (5WES)
11. Class 378
12. Class 170
13. Class 159


1. Class 319 Vol.1 and Vol.2 pack
2. Class 375/377 EP
3. Class 313 EMU pack
4. Class 450/444 EP
5. Class 158/159 Cummins EP
6. Class 456 pack
7. Sky & weather enhancement pack


1. Class 375 Nameplate Pack (AP Enhancement) (http://alienworlds.co.uk/blog/downloads-page/)
2. Class 465/2 and 465/9 ‘SET’ Blue Stripe (https://www.dpsimulation.org.uk/rf72emu.html)
3. Superalbs Southern class 377/6 and 377/7 reskins


1. AP Electrostar EP Redux v1.1 (Great British Railworks)
2. Class 442 destination patch (ATS)
3. SN Class 313 destination patch 1 (ATS)


1. At the last moment I changed the weather to overcast so don’t go by the screenshot. Apologies.
2. Setting destination code thru MITRAC could be buggy. So try F7/F8 to set the destination.
3. Copy the Content folder to your Railworks directory to install the scenario.