West Coast Mainline Midlands & Northwest updated

12th April 2022 Off By Alan Thomson Simulation

12 April 2022

The route has been updated to fix the following errors;

  • Alsager station model placement
  • Diverging speed limit at Yarnfield incorrectly set
  • Barthomley Jn Up & Dn signal was unnumbered
  • TAB required into Crewe from CE121
  • Colwich – Stone inability to patch freight services
  • CE192 AWS ramp not linked with signal
  • SOT273 missing AWS ramp
  • Esso Sidings Longport – added yard exit signal
  • Stop car markers at Kidsgrove added
  • SOT272 missing AWS ramp
  • Speed signs around Bridgeford corrected
  • Trees in track between Hartford and Winsford
  • Crewe P5 20MPH sign corrected
  • CE119 and CE121 have no AWS
  • Missing fence on a bridge
  • OHL height gizmos causing milk bottles at Stoke-on-Trent removed
  • Longport track break fixed
  • Longport and Marcroft EMD resized
  • Kidsgrove station floating corrected
  • Bodgeit 325 removed from scenarios
  • Liverpool platforms corrected
  • Rogue OHL asset near Alsager removed
  • Increased DEM terrain near Kidsgrove
  • Trees removed from Up line near Penkridge
  • Signal protecting Derby line added

To get this update please download the new installer from the products listing page or from your account