South Wales and Welsh Marches line Scenario Pack


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Included in this pack are 6 Scenarios for the fantastic South Wales and Welsh Marches Line Merge Route. These have been carefully created using plenty of timetables, Images and also Videos so plenty or research has gone into these scenarios for the best possible representation of the real working day. In total there is just over 13 hours worth of driving time included.

Included Scenarios and Description

AL05 – 0930 Fiddlers Ferry P Stn Flhh to Avonmouth Bbht Coal Silos

Duration – 132 Minutes

Route Covered – Shrewsbury to Bristol Parkway

Afternoon driver you are to take this Class 66 with some unloaded HHA wagons as far as Bristol Parkway today where there will then be a crew change. The weather is a little cloudy so nothing should cause any problems.

AL05 – 1V91 0534 Holyhead to Cardiff Central

Duration – 128 Minutes

Route Covered – Shrewsbury to Cardiff Central

Driver this morning you are in charge of this WAG set as far as Cardiff Central. Once in Cardiff you will need to take the train into the sidings where the train will be stabled until the return journey later on in the day

AL05 – 2C81 1500 Cardiff Central to Taunton

Duration – 55 Minutes

Route Covered – Cardiff Central to Bristol Temple Meads

Driver you are today in charge of this Class 150/2 as far as Bristol Temple Meads you will need to open the doors here at Cardiff Central and set yourself up ready for an on time departure of 15:00.

AL05 – 1W52 0650 Carmarthen to Manchester Piccadilly

Duration – 195 Minutes

Route Covered Swansea to Shrewsbury

Good morning driver you have just arrived into Swansea from Carmarthen you need to allow passengers to board here then you will depart at 07:42 and head to Shrewsbury

AL05 – 1V32 0558 Crewe to Carmarthen

Duration – 195 Minutes

Route Covered – Shrewsbury to Swansea

Good morning driver you are in charge of this train as far as Swansea the line is fairly busy once you head into Cardiff but the road for you should be clear. You need to firstly couple up to another service in Shrewsbury and run in 4 car formation to Swansea

AL05 – 699Q 1110 Hayes & H’ton Tarmac Sdgs to Moreton-on-lugg Fhh

Duration – 97 Minutes

Route Covered – Bristol Parkway to Moreton on Lugg Tarmac Sidings

Driver you are in charge of this Class 66 today you will take it as far as Moreton On Lugg Tarmac Sidings

Requirements as follows

Armstrong Powerhouse

Class 158 (Perkins) Enhancement Pack
Class 158 (Cummins) Enhancement Pack
Class 175 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 (MTU)/Mk3 Enhancement Pack
Class 150/2 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 168/170/171 Enhancement Pack
Class 142 Diesel Multiple Unit Pack
Class 66 Enhancement Pack
Class 60 Sound Pack (Pro)
TDA-D Wagon Pack
HHA Wagon Pack
BAA/BZA Wagon Pack


Welsh Marches: Newport – Shrewsbury Route Add-On

Steam Workshop

South Wales & Welsh Marches Line – Shrewsbury to Bristol & Swansea (Scenarios will be under this route in TS2020)

Just Trains

Voyager Advanced 2019

Freeware (AlanThomsonSim)

Class 158 Transport for Wales Livery

Class 170 West Midlands Trains

Freeware (Major Wales Design)

Ex – Arriva Trains Wales Class 142 (Banners)
Ex – Arriva Trains Wales Class 175
Ex – Arriva Trains Wales Class 150
Ex – Arriva Trains Wales Class 158
EX – Arriva Trains Wales MK3 WAG Pack
Transport For Wales Class 175

To install simply drag and drop the included Content folder in your Railworks install location and you are done and ready to play.


Ash Lightfoot – Creator

AlanThomsonSim – Hoster

Major Wales Design for allowing the reskins as a requirement

Lewis Clowes for allowing his fantastic WMR Class 170 Livery as a requirement

Bossman Games for the Fantastic route.

Dannys Route Pictures for creating the merge route.

Although I appreciate there is a lot of requirements this is something that has to be done to make my packs as realistic as possible.