Just Trains China Railways HXD3D Electric Locomotive + ChengYu Part 2 Route and Rolling Stock Pack


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This detailed China Railways HXD3D locomotive comes with the RW25T passenger coach and also bonus content of the ChengYu Part 2 Route, a drivable SS3 electric locomotive and a rolling stock pack.

The locomotive features the LKJ-2000 status display and cab signalling system, cruise control, Driver’s Safety Device, realistic start-up procedures, custom sounds, multi-camera views, pantograph spark and accurate animations.

The China Railways HXD3D is a six-axle AC electric locomotive, produced by the Dalian Locomotive and Rolling Stock Company, and designed for mainline use. It is one of the highest powered (7,200kW) Chinese locomotives, with a design speed of 200 km/h. In normal service, however, its speed is 160 km/h. As the HXD3D is a dedicated high power, high speed locomotive, it is expected to ease the pressure in the railway system where less powerful locomotives are currently used.

Supplied as bonus content with the HXD3D is the ChengYu Railway Part 2 Route and a large selection of Chinese rolling stock from RWSO!


  • HXD3D locomotive in three liveries: Mass-produced, MZD No.1893 and Experimental Livery
  • RW25T passenger coach with detailed passenger view in two liveries: standard blue/white and newly repainted yellow/green
  • Highly detailed models and textures
  • Authentic custom sounds
  • Multi-camera views
  • New Chinese driver figure in cab displays a gesture when sounding the horn (driver must be wearing his cap to drive, otherwise the locomotive speed is limited!)
  • Fridge in the cab with opening door
  • Animated cab doors, windows, air conditioning, driving mirrors and more
  • Separate wiper controls with adjustable speed
  • Windscreen washer water effect
  • Fully working light controls and effects
  • Pantograph spark
  • Raindrop effects on windows
  • Realistic start-up procedure including computer booting
  • LKJ-2000 loco status display and cab signalling system
  • DSD (Drivers Safety Device) and speed monitoring
  • Cruise control
  • Manual split-phase control
  • Quick Drive compatible
  • Custom numbering available.
  • Changing day/night lighting effects in the cabin of the RW25T coaches
  • Includes drivable SS3 electric locomotive with cab (and a microwave!)


The ChengYu Railway Part 2 Route and a large selection of Chinese rolling stock from RWSO is supplied as bonus content with the HXD3D. This content is supplied free of charge and its supply and use is kindly permitted by agreement with their developers.

RWSO China Railways rolling stock

The rolling stock includes a number of different passenger cars, freight wagons and specialised wagons.

Please note that the content of this pack is adapted from a previous freeware release and is therefore not made to the same stringent standards as the HXD3D. We hope that the rolling stock will nonetheless enhance your driving experience.

Chengyu Railway Part 2 Route

The route features the Shi Yan Qiao to Lan Gan Tan segment of the Chengdu to Chongqing (ChengYu) Railway. The Chengdu to Chongqing railway, often called the ChengYu Railway for short, is a 505km railway connecting these two cities. It was the first mainline railway built since the foundation of the People’s Republic of China. (Please note this route is not Quick Drive compatible.)

Bonus content compatibility

The RWSO rolling stock was created in RailWorks (prior to the Train Simulator 2012 update) and is compatible with Train Simulator 2016 apart from a known issue of bogie transparency on the passenger car bogies which only appears when viewed from the front of the horizon, which the developers were unable to fix without rebuilding the vehicles from scratch.

The ChengYu 2 route was created in Train Simulator 2012 (prior to the Train Simulator 2013 update) and is compatible with any copy of Train Simulator 2016 purchased before 20th September 2012, or any copy of Train Simulator purchased after 20 September 2012 with the European and US Loco & Asset Packs installed. (Please note: the European Asset Pack is essential, while the US Asset Pack is highly recommended.)


A comprehensive 54-page colour PDF manual in English is included and covers the operation of the locomotive, the Chinese signalling system and details of the rolling stock and route bonus content.


The China Railways HXD3D Electric Locomotive comes with scenarios designed to be used with the ChengYu Part 2 R Route and the RWSO Rolling Stock Pack, both of which are included in this package.


ChengYu Railway Part 2

[HXD3D] HX Era Has Arrived
Loco: HXD3D
Duration: 70 minutes

A batch of new HXD3D electric locomotives have been distributed to this line. Let’s get with it!

[HXD3D] Repainted to GREEN
Loco: HXD3D
Duration: 45 minutes

Are you sure this train with the green painted coaches is an EXPRESS? Yes, all non-high-speed passenger coaches will be repainted GREEN in the near future. This train is just the beginning…

Train Simulator Academy Route

HXD3D Drive Training 1
Loco: HXD3D
Duration: 5 minutes

Let’s learn how to drive the HXD3D.

[HXD3D Drive Training 2
Loco: HXD3D
Duration: 5 minutes

Let’s learn what to do when the emergency brake is applied.

HXD3D Drive Training 3
Loco: HXD3D
Duration: 5 minutes

Let’s learn the light controls.


ChengYu Railway Part 2 Route

Free Roam – Feng Gao Pu (HXD3D)

Free Roam – Shi Yan Qiao (HXD3D)

Free Roam – Yong Chuan (HXD3D)


The HXD3D and SS3 locomotives are Quick Drive compatible and a number of Quick Drive consists have been provided so you can create your own scenarios to run these locomotives on any Quick Drive enabled route of your choice. Please note that the ChengYu Railway Part 2 Route is NOT Quick Drive compatible.

System Requirements:

  • Train Simulator 2019 (European Loco & Asset Pack is essential, while the US Asset Pack is highly recommended)
  • 3.0GHz PC or any Dual Core
  • 2GB RAM
  • 1GB graphics card
  • Windows 10 / 8.1 / 8 / 7 / XP / Vista
  • Direct X 9.0c compatible sound card
  • 2.6 GB hard drive space