ATS Announcements – Azuma Demo Pack


This pack adds announcements to the AP Class 80x EP for the LNER 800 and 801 sets.

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This DLC pack for Dovetail Games’ Train Simulator Classic adds authentic announcements to the AP Class 80x Enhancement Pack for the LNER Azuma 800 and 801 sets.

Experience an immersive experience with onboard announcements utlising the new ATS Announcement software created by Kieran Wright aka KWSimulation in collaboration with Alan Thomson Simulation. This demo pack gives you, the user a chance to play with some new technology that was made to enhance the realism aspect of Train Simulator Classic.

This pack contains:

  • Real Announcements via Branding Patch
  • Seperate Audio for Cab and Passenger Views
  • 7 PIS Codes for use on the ATS Leeds Lines Merge
  • Integrated with the ATS Launcher for ease of use


  • ATS Launcher
  • ATS Leeds Lines Merge (and it’s dependencies)
  • Armstrong Powerhouse Class 80x EP
  • DTG Class 801

Please read the manual here for full details on how to use the software.

Branding patch can be obtained on the launcher during install as well as here.