Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenario Pack (2014-2015) *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenario Pack (2014-2015) *SUBSCRIPTION ONLY*

29th May 2020 Off By Poolecj

Following on from my previously released Edinburgh to Glasgow Scenario Pack (2004-2005), we wind the clock forward a decade to the days where some units wore the Barbie livery and the rest wore the Saltire livery; and at the start of the depicted era there was the odd SPT Cass 170 whizzing between Scotland's two largest cities too. First Scotrail transitioned into Abellio Scotrail, and it's the dying days of a completely unelectrified EtoG. 10 scenarios are included. Read below for the full details.

Scenario List:
• 1A91 - 20:41 Glasgow Queen Street to Aberdeen
• 1R11 - 06:45 Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street
• 1R11 - 23:00 Edinburgh Waverley to Glasgow Queen Street
• 1R28 - 10:30 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverley
• 1R88 - 16:15 Glasgow Queen Street to Edinburgh Waverley
• 2N48 - 07:01 Perth to Glasgow Queen Street
• 2P55 - 14:33 Edinburgh Waverley to Dunblane
• 2P90 - 14:58 Dunblane to Edinburgh Waverley
• 5A41 - 01:00 Haymarket Depot to Edinburgh Waverley
• 5T62 - 21:10 Glasgow Queen Street to Eastfield H.S

Scenario Features:
• 10 accurate scenarios with workings, weather and unit numbers identical to real life images where possible.
• Express passenger, stopping passenger and empty stock workings.
• Where applicable, scenarios play accurate on-board announcements voiced by Fletcher Mathers as per reality.

DLC Required:
• Edinburgh to Glasgow
• WCML Over Shap*
• Class 67 EWS
• Class 91
• Class 159
• Class 380*
• Class 390 ‘Pendolino’*
• European Loco and Asset Pack

3rd Party Requirements:
• AP Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 67 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 90 Pack*
• AP Class 91 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 156 DMU Pack
• AP Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 170 Enhancement Pack
• AP Class 321 EMU Pack
• AP Mk2 D-F Pack
• AP Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
• Just Trains Voyager Advanced*
• ATS Class 91 VTEC/LNER Pack
• ATS Class 390 Reskin Pack*
• ATS Mk3 Caledonian Sleeper Pack*

*These addons see limited use in only a small number of scenarios and it is not essential for you to own these.

Thank you for downloading this scenario pack! I hope you enjoy! All my scenarios are tested before release to ensure that everything works as intended, however in the unlikely event you encounter any errors, please leave a comment on the scenario page.
• Please note that I am unable to offer support if you don’t have all the requirements, or have swapped out stock using RW Tools.

Also, if you have any suggestions feel free to leave a comment on the scenario page as well.


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