2B65 1841 London Euston to Bletchley

2B65 1841 London Euston to Bletchley

6th August 2019 1 By Davy50G

AP London Midland Class 319 Bushey to Bletchley semi-fast. Duration 40mins.

The fog will clear as you exit the Thames Valley. Don’t worry about timings too much and enjoy the run!

(GMS-R 2B65 Signal 163)

Class 390 (old one)
378 Capitaliser
Class 66FL & EWS
*All the requirements for the WCML_South_v5.2_APTEP version incl the scenery and AI assets.
Class 325
Class 70
Portsmouth Direct Line
North Wales Coastal Route

390 VTWC Horgey reskin.

Class 319 Vol 1 Pack
Class 90 Pack & FLClass 92 Pack
Class 220 Pack
Class 350 Pack
Class 66 Pack
Weather EP