Virgin Class 390 run on the Missing Link

Virgin Class 390 run on the Missing Link

6th August 2019 0 By Jason Shephard

This is a rwp file of a scenario I have created on the Missing link, running from Stafford to Liverpool with plenty of ai along the way. This by no means is a professional scenario and is my 1st ever attempt at creating a scenario. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did creating and testing the route. Please note this has only been tested on 64 bit.

List or requirements are as follows:-

SB9L class 90 with Ben Horgy’s Virgin reskin from

Wherry Lines for Weather
RSC Class 70 With AP
RSC Class 66 With AP
RSC Class 92 Pack with AP
Class 68 EP AP
Oovee 156
Thomson 156
Trent Valley
WMCL North
AP MK3 Pack
Oovee MJA Wagons
Portsmouth Direct Line with the AP EP 450/350 Pack
Just Trains Voyager
Just Trains Class 20
Just Trains Class 67 IPA Car Waggons
AP 321 Pack
AP JPA Wagons
AP Class 90 and AP Class 90 Freightliner
DTG Class 68
DTG North Wales Coastal
Finchy Class 185 AP
Just Trains 153