1M97 2213 Edinburgh to Manchester Airport

1M97 2213 Edinburgh to Manchester Airport

4th June 2019 Off By Jacksan711

Drive 1M97 22:13 Edinburgh to Manchester Airport


WCML Over Shap route
Class 156
Class 92
Freightliner Class 66
Class 159
Postsmouth Direct Line: London waterloo – Postsmouth
Class 325

Armstrong Powerhouse:
AP Class 142
AP class 350 enhancement pack
AP Class 158 (Perkins)
AP Class 158/159 (Cummins)
AP Class 92 Sound pack
AP Class 150/2
AP Class 66 enhancement pack
AP Class 319 vol. 1
AP Class 90 Freightliner Pack
Sky & Weather Enhancement Pack
Track Enhancement Pack (Not Required but recommended)

Class 156 Arriva Rail North from Superalbs
Class 142 Revamp Pack from Major Wales (Ex Northern)
Class 156 Abellio Scotrail from Superalbs