1F56 Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

1F56 Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street SUBSCRIPTION ONLY

23rd November 2020 Off By Peter Morris

This scenario is a fictional scenario, which follows the Real Life Headcode of 1F56, but, in real life, in order to make this scenario more interesting, this scenario additionally calls at Garforth. In addition to this, AI is fictional to increase player immersion and to be able to achieve the highest player interaction.

Hello Driver!
Operate a Class 68 from York to Leeds on your turn of the Duty 1F56 from Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street. Having just been relieved by the Driver that took it from Scarborough, you will be at the controls of 68034 to Leeds, where (due to you not being trained on the route from Leeds to Manchester Victoria) you will be relieved. Please set up your cab for a timely 12:03 departure towards Leeds, calling at Garforth and Leeds only. York ROC has a Speed Restriction in place between York and Colton Junction for the Up Leeds which means you may be held at some signals until Colton Junction. You are currently following a late running Redcar Central to Manchester Airport Class 185. Enjoy the run driver, and Look out for those signals!


Name of Scenario: 1F56 Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street
Route: Leeds Lines
Stock: AP Class 68
Route Covered: York to Leeds
Description: Operate a Class 68 with 5 MK5 coaches and a MK5A from York to Leeds calling at Garforth and Leeds, where another driver will take over you're duty to Liverpool.
Briefing: Hello Driver, operate this Class 68 (68034) from York to Leeds on Scarborough to Liverpool Lime Street, calling at Garforth and Leeds only. There are no known faults with this unit.
Starting Point: York
Creator: Peter.Morris
Year: 2019
Weather: Cloudy
Length: 45

SCENARIO REQUIREMENTS these are also situated in the Read Me which can be found at the very bottom.

ESSENTIAL REQUIREMENTS *scenario will not work without these
-Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 68 Enhancement Pack

-Just Trains
Just Trains Common Library

-Alan Thomson Simulation
Transpennine Express MK5 Coaches

-Major Wales
Class 180 Revamp Pack

Class 180 Adelante

REQUIREMENTS *scenario will work without these but not with the intended immersion
-Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 91 Enhancement Pack
Class 43 MTU Enhancement Pack
Class 150/1 Enhancement Pack
Class 158 Cummins Enhancement Pack
FSA/FTA Container Wagon Pack
BAA Wagon Pack
JNA Wagon Pack
Class 37 Locomotive Volume 1

-Just Trains
Class 60
Class 20 / RHTT Wagons
Class 153

-Alan Thompson Simulation
IC225 LNER/VTEC Repaint Pack
IC125 LNER/VTEC Repaint Pack
LNER Class 800 Repaint
Class 66 PD Ports Repaint
Class 66 L4 Headlights (LED)
Jake Fuller Class 185
MK3 Sliding Doors

-BH Reskins
Class 60 Mega Repaint Pack


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