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Subscription submissions

Subscription uploads are now being accepted – please view the standards and guidance here

You receive a one off payment for submissions which pass our standards and guidelines. This payment depends on the content type but the most common submissions are scenarios and these are generally paid at £5-10 each.

All subscription only files MUST be identified by adding “SUBSCRIPTION ONLY” to the title

Subscription submissions may take longer to approve due to enhanced testing.

You must be over 18 to submit paid content

Payware submissions

Payware submissions can be submitted by contacting us. Please DO NOT submit payware through the form on this page as it will not be approved.

Benefits of hosting payware with Alan Thomson Simulation

  • We charge a flat rate of 30% commission against the products ex-VAT RRP
  • First level customer support is dealt with by our specialist team
  • Optional inclusion of DRM (digital rights management)
  • Collection and processing of customer payments on your behalf
  • Real-time tracking of product performance and reports
  • Exposure to over 100k users through website, YouTube and Twitch
  • Further direct targeting of users through our network of third party associations

Please note: Unless otherwise agreed, a minimum £4.99 RRP is imposed on all products.

All files are subject to the upload standards and requirements

A step by step guide explaining how to upload files is available here

Terms, conditions & upload standards / requirements

By submitting a file to Alan Thomson Simulation you agree to the following;

All uploads made to AlanThomsonSim must conform to the following standards. Any upload (or edits to an upload) which do not meet the requirements will not be approved / will be deleted without warning.
General Rules applying to all uploads
All uploads must be your own work. This means that the contents of the file you upload to the site are created by you. You must have permission to use parts not created by you where applicable.
If we receive a complaint regarding a submission that submission will be suspended pending an investigation. If your submission is found to breach the rules it will be deleted. Repeated offences will result in the permanent and irrevocable removal of your upload rights and files.
Uploads that are the work of multiple authors should acknowledge each author, prominently on the product description page.
Only one person may ‘own’ an upload on AlanThomsonSim. This means one person has access to it and the ability to change or edit it. This is also the person deemed to be responsible for it.
You are responsible for all uploads, their accuracy and suitability. AlanThomsonSim takes accepts no liability whatsoever for the content you upload. You are strongly advised to keep backups of files uploaded to AlanThomsonSim. You hereby agree to indemnify Alan Thomson Sim Limited against and claim regarding your uploads.
Uploads must be free from any content likely to cause offence or that is illegal. Any breach of this rule will result in suspension of your account.
Content is likely to cause offence if it;
depicts, encourages, incites or in any other way promotes violent, antisocial, dangerous or suicidal behavior or behavior that is likely, given all the factors available at the time, to be construed in such a way
Contains insulting words or imagery (including video and drawing) or other profanity which in the reasonably held opinion of a reasonable person would be insulting or profane or the author knows it likely to be insulting or profane
insulting or profane is defined to extend to words or language which is discriminatory against someone held to have a protected characteristic as defined by the Equality Act 2010. This includes, but is not limited to, racism disabilities and homophobia.
Banned content is not allowed to be hosted on the site under any circumstances. Banned content includes;
Any content of a pornographic or indecent nature
Depictions of illegal drugs, their production, supply, use or disposal.
Depictions of firearms, their production, supply, use or disposal.
Depictions of gambling, betting or other games of pure luck.
Depictions, encouragement, or any aiding, abetting, counsel or procurement or the attempt of such acts relating to acts of terrorism
Content which depicts illegal acts
Content which breaches anothers copyright, trademark or intellectual property rights
Content previously removed from the site for breach of policies
Pirated, bootleg, nulled, cracked or other illicit content
Content designed or is likely to damage or inhibit the site in any way or which is or is designed or likely to damage the recipients computer.
Content containing viruses, malware, spyware or other malicious code or content.
Identical content already uploaded to the site or content that is materially the same as content already uploaded.
If we receive illegal content we will submit it and details of the user to the police or other local authority
The use of HTML or other code is forbidden in the text entry fields for files uploaded using the ordinary upload method. If you would like to use HTML (for example, to link to other pages / downloads or embed images or video) you can apply for a developer account by contacting us
Content must be complete unless specifically and prominently stated as “Work in progress” or “W.I.P” – We reserve the right to remove any incomplete content at any time for any reason.
All downloads must contain a suitable title, description, image, file and category
All downloads must be uploaded in a .zip or .7z format
All images must be .png or .jpg
All text must be in English. Translations are permitted providing the main content is displayed in English.
All content must contain a readme
All content which is designated as “free” must be free from further financial encumbrance and not be a demo, trial or reduced feature edition of paid for content not hosted on AlanThomsonSim
Content designated as “subscription content” or “payware” must not be uploaded as free content anywhere else on AlanThomsonSim or another site.
All content must be properly organised into the Railworks folder structure
For Content files;
Railworks/Content/Routes/ (long route number) /
For Assets
Railworks/Assets/ (Asset Folder) /
.rwp files are acceptable
All uploads must contain a list of any requirements (including optional requirements) listed clearly and accurately on the product listing and in the readme
You must not upload requirements (for example other content which you have made use of in your own content) which you do not have the right to upload.
E.g. you use the GWR Class 43 HST available in DTG’s South Wales Coastal route in a scenario. You MUST NOT upload this trains files with your scenario.
Tip: .GeoPcDx files are generally restricted and should not be uploaded unless you have permission or have created them yourself.
How do we moderate content?
Content is manually monitored by a small team of people. We review each upload and make a decision whether to approve it. Content is then kept under constant review.
What to do if I am not sure about whether my upload conforms?
Contact us prior to uploading it
I have seen a file on your site which I think violates one of the rules. What do I do?
Get in touch and let us know. We will look into it and take appropriate action
The site terms and conditions apply
The EULA applies
The subscription content rules apply to subscription content