(JR) 1A90 14:54 Paignton-London Paddington

(JR) 1A90 14:54 Paignton-London Paddington

27th July 2022 4 By Robbo13

1A90 14:54 Paignton-London Paddington

Having just arrived in from Goodrington Sands sidings, you are now working 1A90 14:54 Paignton-London Paddington as far as Exeter St Davids, where a crew change will take place. You have a few stops on the way this afternoon to pick up all those people who have spent the warm and sunny day on the English Riviera! Your traction for today is 43172 ‘Harry Patch’ and 43190. There are no issues to report today, however that might change! Year=2018

How to install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents folder into Railworks folder
3. Done!

Route: Riviera Line

Duration: 50mins


Armstrong Powerhouse
BR Mk1*
Class 43 MTU EP
Class 66 EP
Class 150/1 EP*
Class 150/2
Class 158C EP
Class 800 EP*
JNA Wagons*
JXA Wagons
Weather EP

GoldStarTrains Tamper*

Class 66 EWS (For AP 66 EP)
Class 150/1 (For AP 150/1 EP)*
Class 150/2 (For AP 150/2)
Class 159 (For AP 158C EP)
Class 801 (For AP 800 EP)*
Riviera Line
Settle to Carlisle*
Settle to Carlisle Steam Specials*
YLA Mullet Wagons (Found on Steam Marketplace)*
YQA Parr Wagons (Found on Steam Marketplace)*

Just Trains

Class 43 revamp pack
Class 143 revamp pack

Note: Anything marked with * is for static AI only. This means the scenario can still be run without these.

I do believe that is everything. If there is anything missing or you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!