[KWS] 1Y86 YRK – KGX (Fictional)

[KWS] 1Y86 YRK – KGX (Fictional)

6th May 2021 0 By Follower Kieran

[KWS] 1Y86 YRK – KGX (Fictional)

Hi all, this is my first scenario I have made for public release. I wanted to publicly release it to get feedback and improve my scenario skills further.
With that being said I believe that this is quite an enjoyable drive down to London Kings Cross from York. The scenario whilst fictional loosely follows 1Y86 from YRK to KGX. The reason for the ficitional timetable working is because I was unable to find the exact workings for the year this scenario is based in which is 2017.

I hope you enjoy the drive.

*Quick Notes*

As you approach Kings Cross you may get a danger signal inside the gasworks tunnel on line A. Just press Tab and it will allow you into the platform. Not entirely sure what is causing this.

Please note you are free to edit the scenario as you please for swapping stock but please do not re-publish without my permission.


Please note whilst I have done my best to list the requirements for the scenario, some requirements may have dependencies. It is important you install the dependencies for each requirement.

– ECML Merge (ATS)
– Class 185 (Fuller Simulation)
– AP Class 365 EP
– AP Class 43 MTU
– Class 70
– Class 66
– Class 387 (superalbs)
– Class 180
– AP Class 91 EP
– AP Class 37 Pack 1
– AP Class 156