Grand Central (Interim) 221

Grand Central (Interim) 221

17th November 2023 3 By Clowes

The Class 180… a nice product for customers if refurbed well. Like GC have done. Unfortunately, they’re not exactly reliable. And that (probably amongst other reasons) is the reason Grand Central have opted to use a Class 221 (or two) to bolster the fleet.

I should add, all the devs I would usually have assist with various child objects and/or scripting are busy at the moment, so this is what I can do. Not much beyond reskinning tbh…

What’s Included?
GC 221 with 2x PreLoads
A few destinations:
A – Bradford
B – King’s Cross
C – Sunderland
D – Wakefield
Z – Not In Service


A manual is included with the instructions you need, please read it carefully!

Just me for once. Scary.

18/11/2023 2035 | Further amended batch file – it should actually work now

P.S. no JT version, that one looks like it was modelled from cardboard.