[BB] 6Z56 1546 Carlisle N.Y. – Gascoigne Wood

[BB] 6Z56 1546 Carlisle N.Y. – Gascoigne Wood

19th June 2023 2 By bulletpunch

Hello! Welcome to another of my scenarios. This particular one finds you at the controls of a Colas 56 Working between Carlisle and Settle. This is based on the the real working which took place on 17/06/23. You join 56049 at Carlisle with 4 empty timber wagons which are headed for Gascoigne wood. Get on your way ASAP as you are currently running 107L.



– Settle to Carlisle line
– ECML South

– 56 EP (and dependents)
– 158/159 EP (and dependents)
– 156 Pack
– 390 SP (unsure if it will work without it)
– AP Track patch (Optional)
– AP Weather EP 2.0
– KSA Wagon pack
– 390 Reskin pack

Thanks for downloading!