Avanti Mini Pack

Avanti Mini Pack

31st July 2023 4 By North East Scotland Railway videos

Avanti Pack

Thank you for downloading this pack and it contains 4 parts,
1M11, Is on WCML North and WCML Shap we pick up 390 119 in pride livery and will work this through to Preston where being the place for a driver change we are releaved for a break. Although the driver would normally then pick up a further service back to Glasgow Central you have been rostered for 9S70 a little later on in the day which goes to Edinburgh and not Glasgow. Although voyagers are not normally on this service or running upto Edinburgh or Glasgow it does happen.

9S70 uses WCML over shap and WCML North west and Scotland. The reason I have divided it into four parts is so I can use the Carnforth tempate I have saved has a template for southbound and north bound and given that sence that we are working in the same day (shame I didn’t do it for Kingmoor).

Due to not having TPE’s 397 I have subbed it with 802s and ATS 185s and used some of the special liveries cause we can!! and adds a bit of colour. Also because we don’t have Scotrail 385s I have subbed with either over part 1 and 4 with 156 or 158 or 170 or 320 or 380. The silver bullets to Aberdeen is usually a 70 but I wanted to use their 56 instead because I think the 70s are ugly lol na joking its cause I wanted a 56.

1M11 part 1

from steam store
WMCL North and trent Valley
Glasgow airport 380
WCML South this is has we need MJWs 390 revamp pack

latest Bodgeit Freghtliner 66
8xx extra equip patch

320 (Part 1 only)
JNA and JPA and ICA part 1 only
56 enhancement (part 1 only)
68 enhancement static in Part 4
66 enhancement
Track, signal, weather 2.0

1M11 part 2 and 9S70 part 3 note 9S70 part 3 and 4 requires the TFW North Wales route

Is has part 1 except you don’t need ica, jpa n jna,56,68 enhancement, 320s from AP and the glasgow airport route 380

static requirements
class 57 railtour from store
Vulcan 57 Northern belle (drs)
AP Mk1 and 2 pack

66100 Armistrice from Vulcan productions


Class 37 pack one (static in 9S70 Part 3)
AP 150 pack 1 (150/2) static in 1M11

9S70 pt 3 has 319 pack 1

66 783 Biffa 1M11 pt 2 only

Backdated train sim
LSL’s Push pull Scotrail set part 2 on 1M11 only



Part 3
follow 1m11 Part 2 with exceptions

9S70 part 4

Also you need the DB 66 Rail riders repaint from ATS

the exceptions for Part 4 are part 1 next to the pack used but part 4 uses WCML North West and Scotland route and APs FSA and AP 325 n 66&68 enhancement and MJWs HST revamp pack

Enjoy the run