1A79 Glasgow Queen St to Aberdeen

1A79 Glasgow Queen St to Aberdeen

26th October 2023 5 By North East Scotland Railway videos

1A79 Glasgow Queen street to Aberdeen

Saturday 23/09/23

Using Power cars that where on this service on this day 43 037 and 43 129 and load 5 drive this service over the newish Queen Street to Dunblane route has far has Stirling in Part one and part 2 starting just outside Perth station onto Dundee on Just trains SECML.

Requirements along side above route are simple has per on that day

Part one only AP 156 pack

both parts
AP 170, 158, mtu 43 Enhancement packs and said requirments their fore and track, signal and weather packs

Caledonian Railworks BTP liveried 170

MJW 43 revamp pack plus Scotrail inter7city HST

Installation unzip and copy and paste into your Railworks folder

Corrected route folder address

Hope you enjoy