West Coast Mainline Over Shap Scenario Pack 1 (1994-2004) (Passenger)


Scenario pack containing seven scenarios covering the WCML Over Shap route between Preston and Carlisle/Dumfries set between 1994 and 2004 focusing on passenger operations.

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Set between 1994 and 2004, this scenario pack contains seven highly detailed and immersive scenarios on the WCML Over Shap route between Preston/Heysham Port and Carlisle/Dumfries.


This pack covers the period of pre-privatisation, when services on the route were ran by British Rail’s multiple sectors, and post-privatisation, when the InterCity West Coast franchise was handed over to Virgin Trains and began testing their new Pendolino trains in the early 2000s.


All the scenarios in this pack should take approximately 8.5 hours to complete.


The scenarios included in the pack are below:

1A32 0640 Carlisle to London Euston

With fog covering Cumbria, you’ll be driving one of the first southbound express services from Carlisle to London, going as far as Preston. Your traction is a Class 390 unit. Year: 2004.


1H05 1241 Heysham Port to Stockport

The Heysham branch has had a lot of different service patterns over the decades to connect with ferries from Heysham Harbour. This afternoon, you’ll be driving the outbound service from Heysham to Stockport as far as Preston, reversing at Morecambe. Your traction is a Class 142+150 combination. Year: 1995.


1O16 1230 Glasgow Central to Poole

Class 86 locomotives were the mainstay of CrossCountry services north of Coventry/Birmingham to Scotland until Virgin Trains introduced new Voyager units in the early 2000s. After taking over from the previous driver at Carlisle, you’ll be driving a southbound CrossCountry service as far as Preston, with a Class 86 for power. Year: 2002.


1S58 1700 Liverpool Lime St to Edinburgh

Virgin Trains used to run one train per day from Liverpool to Edinburgh that departed in the evening. At the turn of the millenium, a ScotRail Class 158 was seen being hired to Virgin to operate this service. This evening, you’ll be driving this hired unit between Preston and Carlisle. Year: 2000.


1S83 1433 London Euston to Glasgow Central

From their introdution to their withdrawl, the Class 87s were the king of the WCML. As the evening peak gets underway, you’ll be driving a northbound Virgin Trains service between Preston and Carlisle, with a Class 87 for power. Year: 2000.


2C83 1037 Liverpool Lime St to Heysham Port

Set a couple of years before privatisation, you’ll be finishing the journey of this commuter service from Preston to Heysham, reversing at Morecambe. Your traction is a magnificent Class 142 unit. Year: 1994.


2N92 1653 Dumfries to Carlisle

This evening, you’ll be driving a National Express ScotRail service from Dumfries to Carlisle. Due to a last-minute unit swap, you’ll have to start your train from cold at Dumfries before departure. Your traction is a Class 156 unit. Year: 1999.


The following items are required for all scenarios in the pack to function correctly:

Alan Thomson Sim (and their dependencies):

– ASR/FSR Class 158-170 Pack;

– 09 Series Ballast Tamper;

– RES Pack.


Armstrong Powerhouse (and their dependencies):

– Signal EP;

– Weather EP V2;

– Class 31 EP;

– Class 37 Vol 1 & 2;

– Class 43 Valenta EP;

– Class 56 EP;

– Class 66 EP;

– Class 86 EP;

– Class 87;

– Class 90 (& Mk3 DVT);

– Class 142 V2.0;

– Class 150/1 EP;

– Class 150/2;

– Class 156;

– Class 158 Cummins EP;

– Class 175 EP V2.0;

– Mk2 D-F coaches;

– Mk3 A-B coaches;

– FSA/FTA containers;

– ICA-D wagons;

– MEA/PNA-F wagons;

– MFA/MHA/MTA wagons;

– MGR wagons.



– Class 20 Advanced Collection;

– Class 67 Advanced;

– Voyager Advanced 2019;

– VGA vans;

– ZZA snowploughs.


Major Wales Design (and their dependencies):

– Class 390 Revamp.



– Class 08 BR Blue;

– Class 08 EWS/Freightliner;

– Class 70;

– Class 92;

– RNA barrier wagons;

– ZCA Sea Urchins;

– WCML Over Shap.



Alan Thomson Sim – Beta testing and hosting

Chris Horsefield – ScotRail destinations


Enjoy the pack!