Just Trains Sheffield to Derby Updated to V1.08

16th April 2021 Off By Just Trains

Sheffield-Derby Changelog

Latest Update: 09/04/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


– Scenario: [DEFAULT] 1R86 11:57 Norwich-Liverpool – Fixed AI Crash.

– Missing Chesterfield Church – Fixed.

– Southbound Quick Drive’s from Sheffield and/or Derby to Nottingham routing via the south curve at Trent Junction – Fixed 

– Adjustments to scenery at Ambergate Junction – Simple changes to rockfaces to use Train Sim Academy rather than original Kuju textured models .
– Added St Pauls Tower in Sheffield City centre – Makes a visual difference as you approach the city from the south. 

Important – Please make sure you uninstall all version of MML before running this update

v1.07 – 11/02/2021

– Fix to Chesterfield Platform 1 to make invisible platform one block to stop failed loading as seen in Free Scenario Pack FSP1 1S52 scenario. 

– Added missing 80mph board near Duffield.

– Foliage Changed throughout to be more consistent with the rest of the Midland Main Line routes.

– Removed street lighting that was leaking into Clay Cross Tunnel.

– Scenario 1E67 16:40 Plymouth-Leeds fixed. This was 1Y32 causing AI left Path Message. 

– Scenario [Default] 1E67 16:40 Plymouth-Leeds fixed. This was 1Y32 causing AI left Path Message. 

– Scenario [Default] 1997: 1F38 10:00 St Pancras-Sheffield fixed. This was service 4 causing AI left path message.

– Scenario 1997: 1F38 10:00 St Pancras-Sheffield Fixed. This was a AI left path message.

– Scenario 1C13 06:00 Sheffield-St Pancras fixed AI crash

– Scenario [Default] 1C13 06:00 Sheffield-St Pancras fixed. This was a AI crash.

– Added missing buffers at Sheffield Station.

– Northbound Quick Drives – Fix to AI Derailment.

v1.06 – 01/12/2020 

– This update is to allow compatibility with Midland Main Line: Barrow Hill Roundhouse. There are no other changes.

It is important that you install this version before you install Midland Main Line: Barrow Hill Roundhouse.   


– Updated to be compatible with Midland Main Line: Derby-Nottingham-Leicester and Midland Main Line: Erewash Valley routes.


– New Track Models – Fully implemented throughout the route,variety of types developed by Gü Studios. Adjustments to track boundaries and AWS ramps where needed.

– Compatibility changes to enable operation of  Derby-Nottingham-Leicester. 

– Chesterfield Invisible platform fix – now allows loading of AI trains on platform 2 heading south.

– Missing Shelter added to Belper 

– Derby Platform 6 invisible platform moved to avoid AI encroaching onto track

– Changes to signal S81 outside Sheffield to try and fix faulty Theatre Box

– Signal added to Derby R.T.C exit to allow departures heading north

– Poster on Dronfield fixed – Z fighting

– Added AWS ramp for signal TD5045 

– Various minor scenario changes and fixes due to Derby/Nottingham to Leicester additions, scenario creators may need to adjust their own scenarios also.

– New Menu Thumbnail


– This update fixes two scenarios:

  •  [Default] 1Y99 2003 Leeds-Nottingham. Fixes wrong unit numbers that were appearing on Player and AI trains.
  •  [Default] 1C13 06:00 Sheffield – St Pancras International. Fix for scenario asking for Payware Content to be required.


– This update makes the route compatible with Midland Main Line: Derwent Valley Line. The route trees have been replaced by new items which also give a much more authentic look and feel during winter settings.


– Fixed floating cable trough in UP direction just past S 38 Signal.

– Fixed scenario 1C35 10.29 Sheffield to St Pancras collision error with AI.
– Fixed scenario 1Q34 Derby R.T.C – Hull AI leaving path “1F08”

– Added scenario 6M83 Doncaster Belmont – Bescot Yard (Oovee TEA). This uses the Oovee TEA – wagon from the Class 70 pack from Steam for those who do not have the TEA wagon that is now no longer available.

– Fixed scenario 1R86 that had missing stock.

– Fixed stations not showing in anything but maximum graphics settings if below 10 on density slider.

– Passenger steps added to concourse of Platform 5 at Sheffield Station.

– Fixed LOD issues on some of the route assets.

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