Just Trains – Derby – Nottingham – Leicester Extension updated to V1.04

21st October 2021 0 By Just Trains

Derby – Nottingham – Leicester Extension Changelog

Latest Update: 20/10/2021

The below log shows all updates for this product since release:


– Adds compatibility for MML – Nottingham – Lincoln

Important – Please make sure you uninstall all version of MML before running this update

v1.03 – 09/04/2021

– Numerous changes to signals around Toton, mainly relating to theatre box operation and approach control, but also some routing enhancements. 

– AI Signals added around Toton Depot to aid scenario creation somewhat.

– Speed Limits around Toton Depot adjusted to real life as per a DBC driver, these include making all yard lines 5mph vice 15mph. 

– Further stop boards added around Toton Depot. 

– Ground signals at North and South end of Toton running shed added as per real life.

Important – You must update MML – Sheffield – Derby beforehand

v1.02 – 11/02/2021

– Fixed floating worker asset at Ratcliffe. 

– Added 15mph speed sign on the Up Slow departing Toton. 

– Fixed floating signal head at Spondon.

– Adjusted platform spawn rate at Nottingham and Leicester stations. 

– Fixed Line B speed out of Nottingham,35/40 vice 35/50.

– Added Basic AI Tram to scenarios starting at Nottingham. 

v1.01 – 06/10/2020

– Added missing Toton Free roam Scenario 

– Fixed Matlock to Nottingham Quick Drive – Previously routing trains to East Midlands Parkway instead of towards Attenborough

– Edited signal TC4577 at Toton so that the call on signal doesn’t show when line isn’t clear. 

– Fixed sizing of salt boxes – previously oversized 

– Removed [DNL] The Trent Tractor Track Bash Scenarios previously included by error.

– Removed [EVL] 1R58 07:46 Nottingham – Liverpool Lime Street scenario previously included by error. 

– Fixed floating Datum plates at Attenborough 

– Fixed double AWS ramp at Trent South Jnc on the Down Nottingham

– Fixed texturing on bridge at Barrow-Upon-Soar

– Added sound domes around Nottingham

– Fixed [Default] [DNL] 6D31 Radlett-Toton North Yard scenario (AI off path error)

– Speed limits adjusted approaching Derby from the south

IMPORTANT: You need to ensure that you have downloaded and installed the latest version of Midland Main Line: Sheffield-Derby route before you install this updated version to ensure the correct operation of this route. 

The product download in your account is updated as and when updates are released, so if purchasing after any of the given dates your product will include all updates prior to that date.

To download updates you will need to re-download the product from the ‘Your Orders’ section of your account which you can log into by clicking here.

For guidance on downloading this update, please visit this FAQ.