(RP) Outer Circle. Baker Street to Aldgate.

(RP) Outer Circle. Baker Street to Aldgate.

14th April 2023 2 By Robin Price

Metropolitan Line & S Stock Enhancement PlusPak https://www.justtrains.net/product/metropolitan-line-and-s-stock-enhancement-pluspak *

Circle Line

Route Covered
Baker Street-Aldgate


Metropolitan Line & S Stock Enhancement PlusPak https://www.justtrains.net/product/metropolitan-line-and-s-stock-enhancement-pluspak.
Train Simulator Classic
For the Metropolitan Line enhancements:
The latest version of Just Trains’ Metropolitan Line route is needed.

Backdated TrainSim
The Virtual District Line https://backdatedtrainsim.weebly.com/virtual-district-line.html

Armstrong Powerhouse

Circle Line S7 Destinations. By JEROME94
Hammersmith & City line S7 Destinations
Just Trains S7+1/S8 Underground Stock Advanced Soundupdate By LINUS FOLLERT

I think that’s it.

So today driver. we will be going from Baker Street to Aldgate on the Outer circle line. There are a few dodgy signals. Just check map as you go alone.

Known problems
Please pull right up to the end of the platform, and check F3 for a red line when opening the doors. some stations didn’t register. but on second attempt. it worked if you went right up to end of platform.

Couple of signal failures. Just check Map when going along. You are follow a Amersham-Aldgate service.

Thanks for playing. Any problems, Then just let me know. Enjoy.