[KTL] 2C61 0650 Exeter St Davids – Penzance

[KTL] 2C61 0650 Exeter St Davids – Penzance

29th July 2023 3 By KTL Rob Powell

To those who downloaded before the 02/08/2023 there was a small error in the LUA script file that told players the scenario continued in part 2 – obviously there is no part 2 to this scenario. I have uploaded a fix for this that also includes the fix for 1990’s content folder name. Sorry for any inconvenience.

First, thank you very much for thinking about downloading this scenario by Kernow Transport Links. A little preface about myself. My name is Robert Powell and I have been an avid user of TSC since its inception as railworks, although if I’m honest with myself, my interest really kicked into 6th gear at some point in 2016 whilst I was watching Matt Peddlesden stream on his currently mothballed MPTV channel. I have been creating content for TSC since 2016 although you would be very hard pressed to find any of my older content as I sadly removed it due to feeling it wasn’t up to my modern standards.

This scenario utilizes the VP 118/117 Blue Grey & Blue White pack. If you do not own these packs, you need to download the 1994 version of this scenario using the AP 150/2. To get the most out of SWEP V2 you will have to have followed the instructions in the manual to apply the TOD files either via a patch for Western Mainlines OR by changing the files in the KUJU area.

This scenario pack uses the WTT from Summer 1994 for the Western Region which I have fictionally backdated to 1990 for the VP 118. The stock used is a best guess as unlike a lot of fantastic scenario authors out there, I do not have time to use Flickr and various other sources to glean information on stock numbers etc. I have a deep respect for those authors who do have the time and go to great lengths to ensure accuracy. Every train you see in this scenario are from the 1994 summer working timetable.

This scenario makes use of the excellent SWEP V2 and cloud pack from Armstrong Powerhouse. The great news is, is that you do not need either pack for this scenario to function though you will not get the intended weather pattern if you do not at the bare minimum own SWEP V2.

The requirements for this scenario may be daunting to a new player but are used to try to provide the best experience possible. Please note, everything except requirements listed under the ‘statics’ section will be required for this scenario to function as intended! Missing static requirements will result in the loss of some stock in and around the yards.

The requirements for this scenario are listed on the pages below. Quite a bit of pay ware is required for the scenario to run as intended as previously mentioned however, I hope these requirements, provide an immersive environment for you the end user to enjoy. Below the requirements are the installation instructions.

Requirements listed with an * are only required for the 1990 version.

With regards to the class 47’s, a simple run through with any stock swapping program including the wonmderful TS Tools can replace those.

——-Primary (moving) Requirements——-

Full JT Western mainline including all Expansions

DTG Class 159 NSE
European assets pack

AP class 101/117/121 sound pack (discontinued)*
AP Valenta enhancement pack
AP Class 47 Sound pack (discontinued)
AP Mk2 packs 1 and 2
AP Mk1 pack
AP Class 158 Cummins and Perkins packs
AP Class 150/2 pack
AP Class 50 pack*
AP SWEP V2 (soft dependency)
AP Cloud Pack (soft dependency)

Virgin Trains First generation Pack (discontinued)

rfletcher 47 intercity swallow reskin
rfletcher 47 intercity swallow sound patch
Backdated Trainsim Rail Express Systems 47/7
Backdated Trainsim Rail Express Systems 47/7 sound pack
RailBoth VP 117/118 Laira depot packs*

——-Secondary (static) Requirements——-

DTG BR Woodhead in Blue
China Clay For Export
West Coast mainline over Shap

DTG Class 08 TOC
Skyhook Class 58
FL VCA 45t Vans
FL YQA Super Tench
FL YLA Mullet

Ap Class 37 packs 1&2
AP TTA packs 1&2
AP ICA Wagon Pack
AP MEA Wagon Pack
AP Mark 3 pack 01

MJW Class 08 revamp pack
VP Sleeper Pack

Installation Instructions:

Navigate to where you have downloaded the zip file.
Open the zip file and drag the Content folder over to your Railworks folder.

And most importantly, Thank you for downloading this pack, I hope you enjoy it!