(JR) 2A94 08:29 Liverpool Lime Street-Crewe

(JR) 2A94 08:29 Liverpool Lime Street-Crewe

6th March 2024 4 By Robbo13

2A94 08:29 Liverpool Lime Street-Crewe

Due to the fault on the booked 319, it has been decided a unit swap will take place at Liverpool Lime Street. Luckily two class 142s had just arrived in from Blackpool North and it has been decided the 142s would work 2A94 to Crewe. You join the train shortly before departure and will work this all stops service as far as Manchester Piccadilly. There are a few delays today so our departure from Liverpool maybe slightly late. Year=2019

How to install
1. Extract using 7zip
2. Copy Contents folder into Railworks folder.
3. Done!

Route: (ATS) Chat Moss

Duration- 75 minutes


Armstrong Powerhouse
Class 37 Vol 2*
Class 43 MTU EP*
Class 66 EP
Class 142
Class 150/1 EP
Class 150/2
Class 156
Class 158C & 158P EP
Class 175 EP
Class 319 EP
Class 350 EP
Class 390 SP
Class 800 EP
Weather EP

Class 185
Class 158 Northern Variants
Jake Fullers IIA Biomass wagons
Manchester Stations to Huddersfield (For 323 and Metrolink Trams)

Class 66 EWS/FL (For AP 66 EP)
Class 150/1 (For AP 150/1 EP)
Class 159 (For AP 158C & 158P EP)
Class 801 (For AP 800 EP)
Portsmouth Direct Line (For AP 350 EP)
South Wales Coastal (For AP 175 EP)
WCML South (For MJW 390 revamp pack)

Just Trains

Major Wales
Class 175 revamp pack
Class 390 revamp pack*

Anything marked with * is for static AI only.

I believe that is everything. If there is anything missing or you have any issues please let me know and I will do my best to fix the issue. Other than that I hope you enjoy this scenario!

17:56 07/03/2024
Fixed 2N63 running via pan down.